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Jan. 11.

How effective is emergency contraception?

These “morning-after” products (such as brands: Plan B One-Step or Next Choice), when used as directed (within 72 hours of unprotected sex) can significantly reduce the chance of pregnancy.  They are about 85 percent effective.

– Note that in the US these are available without a prescription.

Jan. 11.

Can I get pregnant from having sex once?

Even a single unprotected sex act can result in pregnancy.  However, your odds of becoming pregnant from a single encounter depends upon your menstrual cycle.  You are unlikely to become pregnant if you are not near your time of ovulation (which is about 12-16 days before your next menstrual cycle).  If you are within this timeframe (12-16 days before your next cycle, or near it) your chances are much higher.

Jan. 11.

How effective is the “fertility calendar method” of contraception?

A woman’s cycle begins when eggs are released into the fallopian tube, where they await fertilization.  This happens during a time period between 12-16 days before your next menstrual period – when you are most-fertile.  A “fertility calendar” tracks that date each month, showing which days of the month you are most-likely to become pregnant.  As a method of contraception, this is most-effective when a woman is quite regular with her periods and carefully tracks days of the month. Remember that sperm can live in the vagina for up to a week, so having sex prior to your ovulation can also result in pregnancy.  The best advice is using contraception such as condoms which do not require this tracking and can prevent pregnancy as well as sexually-transmitted diseases.