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Jan. 11.

My pregnancy test is negative. Am I definitely not pregnant?

When used as directed, pregnancy tests are 97-99 percent accurate.  However, it is only accurate on or after the first day of your expected (missed) period.  To be sure, re-test yourself in 3 days and be sure to follow the directions of the test closely.

–      Also, warning: do not drink an abundance of liquid prior to testing, as this may “water down” the urine, so only test when urinating as normal.  Early-morning urine is said to be best for testing.
–       If you are still not convinced, see your doctor.

Jan. 11.

I missed my period entirely. Does that mean I’m pregnant?

If you normally have regular periods, this is a common sign of pregnancy.  However, missed periods might have a different cause.  If your period is often variable/irregular, this may be normal – especially for young teens.  Missed periods can also have a variety of causes, including: changes in weight, stress/anxiety, illness, medications (e.g., birth control), changes in schedule, exercise, illegal substances, breast feeding, other medical conditions (thyroid issues), etc.   Take a home pregnancy test, then see your doctor to find out more.